How to use 

NoviaWrap is incredibly simple to use, and can maintain a fast packing after a short while. Use the short guide below for using NoviaWrap by hand. 

1) To create a seal, place the item to be wrapped in the centre of the NoviaWrap.


2) Fold the two ends to meet in the middle and fold down the joined flap.


3) The package is completed by pressing down each open end so that the item inside is held in position.


4) This will create a tight package with no internal movement.

More information can be found below showing demonstation videos when using the Novia X-Press for wrapping packages.






Wrapped book.jpg


Demonstration Videos 


NoviaWrap has a couple of techniques that can be easily mastered when using it to package items. For standard items, the video on the left shows and simple and quick postal packs can be created. The second video shows a technique used when packaging slightly larger items.